Twists to the ‘Normal Bride’


We always love to hear when our bride’s come up with great ways to personalize their vision. We’ve seen so many wonderful unique touches and alternatives to wedding norms, starting with how the bride envisions herself on her day… here are some of our favorites!

1. Non-white wedding dresses

Love love love! How beautiful is this Lazaro blush tone wedding gown? Whether it be a light blush alternative or a daring blue accent, you’re sure to turn heads!

2. Bling bouquets

Bling and brooch bouquets are stunning. This one designed by Bling Bouquet ( is simply gorgeous! Not only are they elegant, but they can also be custom created. They offer a great chic and modern twist.

3. Footless Sandals


On such a wonderful day, the last thing a bride wants to worry about is her feet hurting. Although this new trend is wonderful for a beach wedding, it could also work for the reception or many other venues. Anything to make a bride feel more comfortable and carefree should definitely be considered! These beauties can be found here.

4.Flower Jewelry


Yes, you read it correctly. Flower jewelry is a thing, and we are obsessed! If you want the perfect fresh cut flower that lasts forever as a memory from your day, this is the best choice. is the creator of these stunning orchid earrings below.

5. New Ceremony Rituals – Handfasting


Handfasting is an old Pagan custom, dating back to the time of the ancient Celts. This sweet ritual binds you and your loved one right around the time you give your vows. It’s the perfect way to represent your personal infinity.

6. Alternatives to Bouquet and Garter tosses – Finding The Longest Love

What’s more sweet than having the best example of love encourage you on your own day? Instead of tossing your bouquet, look for the couple in the room that has been married the longest and hand that bouquet to them. What a great way to honor them as well!

7. Midnight Snack Bar

6 All that dancing and celebrating can get you and your guests hungry. Why not give them some snacks? From popcorn bars to donuts, this little addition to your day can make all the difference in the happiness of your guests! came up with this awesome cookies and milk treat.

8. Choreographed Dances

Whether it be the bridal party, first dance, or father/daughter dance, why not have some fun with it? This is one of the only chances you’ll get, so make it as worthwhile as you’d like!

9. Non-tent Structures

7Having that wedding outside? Why not consider using styled drapery instead? With a bit of décor, the place can go from normal to elegant and refined!

10. No more sitting!


Is your ceremony short and sweet? Consider having your guests stand with you and become active participants in your vows! This stunning photo from Wedding Planner Magazine captures this stunning concept.


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