This post has nothing to do with wedding or event planning but…



As a business woman, I am constantly inspired, elated and empowered by the successes, strategies, and strengths of those around me. Over the past few years, I have learned countless phrases and sayings, received hundreds of blessings and prayers, and found incredible amounts of motivation in my quest for a thriving business and lifestyle- all of which I hold dear. Out of every seminar or workshop or other learning experience I have walked away with one constant ingredient for success:

All journeys begin with intention.

In other words, you have to define your goals before you can actually do anything to achieve them. I have used this mentality hundreds of times in various endeavors of my life, both business and personal, with amazing results. While most of said endeavors have been primarily business or personal growth oriented (in other words, practical), I sometimes have the tickle of fancy to dream something really fantastic, and then pursue it just as I would any other life goal.

So without further adieu, here is my newest, crazy, bucket-list life goal:

To sing onstage with Eric Church during one of his concerts.

Ok, I know, that was totally out of left field, but hear me out.

In a nutshell, I have wanted to be a singer my entire life. I would have done anything to make my dream happen, but apparently there were different plans in store for me, as I found myself a mother at 19. Since then, I have dabbled in my childhood passion by singing with some local cover bands, recording some original songs for pure delight, and annoying the crap out of my kids by giving mini-concerts every day on the way to school. Since my teenage years I have found myself enjoying singing more for the pure joy of it, as I pursue a new passion- event planning and design.

Fast forward 6 years and I am still harboring an inner rockstar, who uses karaoke nights and a shower to channel herself. Combine that with my love for country music and an underlying fan-crush on a country super-star and here you have my cockamamie dream.

So here it is. Out in the universe, on my blog that-until today- has nothing to do whatsoever with country music or childhood dreams. My plan is to make a YouTube video (so cliche, I know. But if it worked for Rebecca Black and that chick that asked Justin Timberlake to the Marine Corps Ball, it might work for me) once Eric announces his next CA tour dates and see what happens.

At any rate, this generally pointless blog is now over, and I am going back to working on a design for a sparkling spring wedding in Palo Alto next month.

“Keep on dreaming- even if it breaks your heart”- Eli Young Band