The new approach to “Day-Of Wedding Coordination”


timthumb-2No wedding day preparation is complete without the hiring a day-of wedding coordinator.

Let me start by saying that the term “day-of” is a complete misnomer. It always amazes me when brides and grooms actually think that after signing a contract with us for “day-of” coordination, they are good to go with our services and won’t be hearing from or seeing us until the actual day of their wedding. Comosaywhat? That’s like hiring a lawyer and not actually meeting with them until the day of your trial. Obviously, not a good idea.

This services involves several prep meetings, including initial and final walk-thrus, a “discovery” session to determine areas of need and help create an action plan for the remainder of the planning timeline, vendor contract review and referrals for still needed vendors, preparation of day-of documents, and as always- overall morale booster and therapeutic support.

The biggest part of the “day-of” service is not just the management of an extensively detailed and exhaustive timeline, not just the management and point of contact for all vendors involved in the event, but its the advocacy we provide for the client. My main concern on the day of a client’s wedding is the comfort of the bride and groom. Is the bride truly happy with her hair and make-up? Do they have something to eat before they are whisked away to take pictures after their ceremony? Are they enjoying the music selections of the DJ? How can my company help make their truly special day even more special? Furthermore, what can we do to prevent them from any complications that may arise from their wedding day, such as looking out for their deposits with the venue (this has included stopping a groomsmen from relieving himself on the side of a historic building)? Its thoughts and actions like these that bring a whole new realm to the idea of “day-of wedding coordinator”. I am not just your “day-of coordinator”, I am your wedding consultant, and I am very proud to be so.

So the next time you look at your wedding budget and decide that you “can’t hire a wedding planner”, think again. Give yourself the ultimate wedding gift- the gift of enjoyment on your big day. Relax, we’ve got this.