The Big Day and Beyond, the seminar your mother wished she had attended



I am so incredibly nervous/excited. Tonight I will be co-hosting my first seminar as a Professional Wedding Consultant. It is actually part of a project I have been working on for about 2 years.  I got the idea when I was talking to my mother about her wedding back in 1985. She was telling me about what a horrible experience it was (horrible as in, the photographer spilled a water vase all over the front of her dress while taking pictures. EEK!)  I asked her if she had a wedding planner and of course her answer was no.  She said that wedding planners were a new concept at that time and she had assumed that she could not afford their services. She mentioned how much she wished she could go back and do it again, which made me really sad. That got me thinking and taking note of how many times I have heard past brides say things of that exact nature, or even worse, how they regretted spending so much time and energy on their wedding.  I realized, that for many people, the stress that comes with planning a wedding isn’t just about time, its about money. Even if you have enough money to have to have a “proper” wedding, in tough economic times, is that really the fiscally responsible thing to do?

My thoughts?  Who gives gives a ****?  We are trained as children to dream big, to wish the greatest wishes on ourselves, and reach for the stars. However, when we are grown and finally get the chance to do reach for these dreams, we are slapped in the face with reality. This reality more often than not, grinds those dreams to a halt, particularly when it comes to the “big day”.

So, how do we get brides and grooms to see their wedding day for the right of passage milestone that it really is? How do we get them to understand that just because they have a wedding doesn’t mean they cannot do the “responsible” things that come with marriage, such as buying a house, getting life insurance, starting a family, etc? To me, the answer was to get them to think of wedding day expenses in the “big picture”…. hence the Big Day and Beyond.

This seminar is geared towards newly engaged or newlywed couples who are starting that next chapter of their lives. I will be speaking on planning and budgeting for the wedding of your dreams on the budget of your reality. There will be a financial advisor speaking on the how to’s of sound financial planning, including investments, joint accounts, and debt management.  Finally, there will be a LegalShield Associate present to discuss affordable tools and resources to protect you and your growing family from life’s inevitable ups and downs.

Overall, attendees will receive top notch advice on preparing for their wedding and marriage in a happy, healthy, and affordable way. Please see the link below for registration information. The first seminar is tonight, at 6pm, with a secondary seminar this coming Saturday at 10am. Registration fees include admittance, a workbook folder, parking and snacks. Please email me with any questions.