How To Keep Your Fiancé Engaged In Wedding Planning?

Although planning your dream wedding sounds glorious, many engaged couples lose motivation to make it a picture perfect celebration. There are many factors that make a wedding logistically sound, including; budget, timing, and location to name a few. Can you imagine the stress that couples undergo if any of these factors started to weaken? Insufficient funds and unfulfilled deadlines can send a relationship plummeting. What was once an inspired conversation now turns to arguing and bickering, leaving resentment between two lovers. So the question is, what can I do to keep my significant other engaged in the wedding planning process? Let’s take a look at some helpful tips.

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Figure out what you both want.

Communication is an essential part of any healthy relationship. By telling each other what you want, you and your future spouse begin to visualize an ideal celebration. Asking each other questions can help discover both party’s preferences, as well as build motivation. By combining both bride and groom’s ideas early, the planning process becomes clearer and a perfect wedding starts to seem tangible.

As a wedding company we love to understand both our clients and the vision they want for their wedding. Before we begin anything in the planning process we always send out a questionnaire that gets all parties involved in identifying priorities and preliminary ideas for all aspects of the day. These concepts are built upon throughout the planning process. 

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Divide and conquer.

Don’t do all the work and stress yourself out even more. You and your companion are a team! Make sure your partner has equal responsibilities in the wedding plans, and that you haven’t taken on more than you can handle. Your fiancé may have something different in mind for an ideal wedding, so what better way than to give your spouse a role that he/she wants to be involved with. While you may be interested with floral design and stationery, your partner may be interested in food and music. Divide and conquer is the motto and this method will help relieve your stress.

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Give your partner control.

Giving your partner control can be motivating, and provide a new sense of ownership. An easy way to give your partner control is to allow him/her to plan one or two aspects of the event with complete control. Since most men don’t have a particular interested in much of the “standard” planning that comes with weddings, giving your fiance the green light to prepare a surprise is a great way to get them engaged and excited about the details. 

At MIRA we encourage couples to plan surprises to take place during the wedding reception. When surprises are incorporated it gives a personal touch of what the groom wants to do and not what he has to do. It sets aside the “sterile” planning and allows him to have fun with a creative idea for his bride-to-be.

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Stay in the loop.

We encourage couples to always keep their significant other constantly aware of what is happening. A key factor to mutual agreement is to make sure he/she recognizes all the finer details that are being put into the wedding.

At MIRA we try our best to keep an open line of communication with both the bride and groom to prevent from anyone being left out. Open lines of communication include but are not limited to cake design, transportation, entertainment, etc. We also like to combine all important files (contracts, budget, timelines, etc.) and share it on the cloud so clients can have access whenever they please. This gives each individual the freedom to open up any emails and find any information they need to be included in the wedding.

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Bonus Tip: Schedule Wedding Time

If none of the above sound like the right fit for your partner, concede by respecting that they just might not be interested in this whole planning business (that’s ok, you’ve got an amazing wedding planner anyway!) One tip we give all clients is to make wedding planning time a regularly scheduled item. You AND your fiance might find it hard to dutifully select ceremony music or go through the hors d’eouvres list after a long day at work. Scheduling time specifically for wedding planning not only helps both parties prepare for the massive amounts of decisions that need to be made, but also ensures you stay on track throughout your planning process. 

Happy planning!

Meet the Newest MIRA Team Member, Tesia!

After a bit of a hiatus, we are proud to be once again expanding our team of event professionals to better serve our clients. The past few weeks have been very exciting welcoming Tesia Tangonan into the MIRAwed family as our Fall 2017 intern. 

Tesia is a recent graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas where she earned her degree in Hospitality with a concentration in Event and Meetings Management. She recently moved to San Jose to pursue her career in the event industry. 

Tesia describes herself as a passionate individual with a positive attitude that allows her to overcome nearly every challenge she faces. She enjoys hiking, traveling, eating, reading, and dancing Hula/Tahitian dance during her free time. We already adore her and are so glad she is part of our team!

Welcome Tesia! 


Venue of the Month: Kunde Winery

We kicked off this wedding season with a Monday (yes, Monday) wedding at Kunde Family Winery in Kenwood, California. The Napa and Sonoma wine country region can be difficult to navigate for those who are looking to host a wedding, as there are literally hundreds of gorgeous venue options. We consider Kunde Winery one of the top, and you’ll soon see why.

Photo by Anne-Claire Brun
Photo by Anne-Claire Brun

The winery sits just off of the Sonoma Highway, north of the city of Napa. Its rolling hills are neatly uniformed with acres and acres of vineyards, interspersed with stately olive and oak trees. What I love most about Kunde are the dynamic options they offer in private event spaces.

Photo by Anne-Claire Brun
Photo by Anne-Claire Brun

Hosts can utilize their impressive Tasting Room to book private tasting events complete, or simply enjoy time on their public patio next to a serene pond and manicured grass.

For a more intimate affair, the working cave tunnels offer a small private dining space that can accommodate up to 40 guests. There is something truly magical about being in a wine cave. Kunde Winery’s wine caves ring with history and presence of its long-running wine production. Their wine cave private dining area is best enjoyed with close family and friends, as well as lots of romantic candlelight.

NT ©Anne-Claire Brun 488 copy
Photo by Anne-Claire Brun

The Hill House on property offers a lovely little escape from the rest of the world. It can accommodate up to 60 guests and offers several amenities such as lounge furniture and a built in bar. Don’t worry, just because you’re inside does not mean you are sacrificing views. The site features breathtaking views of Sonoma Valley and the Mayacamas Mountain range.

NT ©Anne-Claire Brun 256 copy
Photo by Anne-Claire Brun

Even with all of the amazing options listed thus far, Kunde Family Winery is known first and foremost for its hilltop locations. Boot Hill and Olive Hill offer stunning, sweeping views of the property and surrounding hills, giving guests a full visual experience of the Napa wine country. Olive Hill is a smaller location, accommodating up to 75 guests for a seated ceremony with one of the best backdrops any wine country bound couple could ask for.

Kunde Winery in fall
Olive Hill ceremony space in Fall
kunde winery in fall
Boot Hill in fall

Boot Hill is the option for those looking to host their reception at the property’s hilltop for up to 250 guests. With a built in bar as well as permanent restrooms and kitchen prep space, it is extremely easy to utilize this space and make your event dreams come true. The gravel area is perfect for seated rounds, while the grass area offers a wonderful solution to cocktail hour or even a lounge area during dancing. For dancing, there is a dedicated dance floor area complete with string lights all ready to go. Can we say perfection?!

Photo by Anne-Claire Brun
Photo by Anne-Claire Brun
NT ©Anne-Claire Brun 377 copy
Photo by Anne-Claire Brun

Kunde’s knowledgeable staff and robust preferred vendors list makes it an easy venue to work with, probably the most important feature of all. We are thrilled to have worked with them in the past and cannot wait to do it again.

Photo by Anne-Claire Brun
Photo by Anne-Claire Brun

Be on the lookout for photos from Alexis and Josh’s magical wine country elopement, coming soon!

Venue of the Month: Troon Country Club

Welcome to the second installment of our newly revived Venue of the Month blog!

As many of you know, expanding your service to a new area requires a lot of research and networking. That means making regular appearances at industry mixers, meeting new people and getting a lay of the land. I will forever be grateful how easy Nicole Pound with Troon Country Club made it for me to not only meet her, but come tour her spectacular property.

First of all, as a new Phoenix area driver, finding the location was a snap. Tucked into the  foothills of Troon mountain, Troon Country Club is easily accessible and welcoming. They differ from their neighbors such as Troon North and the Four Seasons as they are the only privately owned, membership oriented, property. Their parking is plentiful and it was an easy stroll up to their clubhouse front doors.  The entrance foyer is equally impressive from both the outside as well as the inside. Friendly staff greeted me as I waited to start my tour.

The club is clean, simple elegance.

The entrance hallway has a bright chic feel to it, which lends perfectly for portraits or a first look location.

Entryway into main Clubhouse

    Entryway into main Clubhouse
Beautiful flower paintings line the chic hallway immediate through the front doors
Beautiful flower paintings line the chic hallway immediate through the front doors

The Clubhouse dining room is just as bright, with 3 of the walls fulls of windows.

The centerpiece of the room is a fully stocked, handsomely designed bar that offers guests ease of access to any part of the room or outside to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The clubhouse dining room is also available for private use
The clubhouse dining room is also available for private use
The clubhouse lounge's gorgeous bar is fully stocked!
The clubhouse lounge’s gorgeous bar is fully stocked!

I’m not sure what every Arizona bride would want as their ceremony backdrop, but how about the stunning spire of Pinnacle Peak?

The ceremony landing on the rich green grass is immaculately groomed, juxtaposed perfectly with the natural background. Their ceremony package also comes with a rehearsal time slot, a bridal dressing room, white folding chairs, vendor and welcome tables, as well as a guaranteed back-up space in case of rain. There are numerous upgrades available as well, such as gold chiavari chairs and mimosa/bloody mary bars. Yes please.


The ceremony site offers spectacular views! Photo provided by Troon Country Club and shot by Jen Z Photography
The ceremony site offers spectacular views! Photo provided by Troon Country Club and shot by Jen Z Photography

There are literally dozens of possibilities at Troon Country Club.

The sunny poolside patio is a great option for a fresh feeling cocktail reception. The event locations are located close to one another, making guest migration a breeze.

The sunny poolside patio is a perfect space for a mild weather gathering
The sunny poolside patio is a perfect space for a mild weather gathering

The main event space, the Troon Room, is just as spacious as one might hope for, with a ton of natural light and high arching ceilings.

The space, set to receive some renovations this off-seasons,  can accommodate up to 180 people, pending floor plan. All wedding reception packages come with tables, chiavari chairs, choice specialty linens, a dance floor and more.

The Troon Room is versatile and open which leads to many design possibilities. Photo provided by Troon Country Club, taken by Jane Z Photography
The Troon Room is versatile and open which leads to many design possibilities. Photo provided by Troon Country Club, taken by Jane Z Photography
Troon Room gussied up from a past wedding. Photo by Pinkerton Photo
Troon Room gussied up from a past wedding. Photo provided by Troon Country Club and taken  by Pinkerton Photo
This stunning patio view is available when you rent the Troon Room
This stunning patio view is available when you rent the Troon Room

The Troon Country Club in-house catering menu is vast and delectable.

The entire Troon team is dedicated to the success of your event and will happily customize a venue or menu package to suit your needs.

The entrance to the main club house has an impressive entrance
The entrance to the main club house has an impressive entrance

If you are looking for a true, country club experience for your wedding or special event, Troon is the place.

Since professional wedding coordinators are required for all weddings on property, we would be more than happy to introduce you to our friends at Troon! Inquire today to get started! xxoo

Chandana + Imran Part 1

We love our clients. All of them. We adore each and every event that crosses our path. Every once in a while, we get to be a part of something just a little extra special. How so? Let’s check the numbers:

  • 3: The number of days this wedding spectacular spanned
  • 6: The number of different wedding related events that occurred in that time-frame
  • 5: Number of venues we worked at over the course of this weekend
  • 27: Number of vendors hired for all events
  • 1,000: Linear feet of marigolds used throughout the design
  • 9: Number of outfits worn by the bride

The result of these numbers, combined with the incredible amounts of time and energy spent by all invested parties, was SO spectacular, we couldn’t fit it all in one blog post.

Let’s start in the beginning…

Chandana and Imran come from two very different backgrounds. Chandana’s family are Hindu South Indian, and Imran’s family hails from Bengladesh. Together, they wanted to create a fusion wedding experience that would honor both of their cultures while allowing guests to bask in free-flowing opulence.

After a “low key” Mehendi on Friday evening, guests were invited to the first “party” of the weekend on Saturday afternoon. The groom’s parent’s house was decked to the nines to celebrate not just one but two important cultural events.

First, the Gaye Holud ceremony and rituals took place. After a short ceremony, 350 of the couple’s closest friends and family lined up for over an hour to paint the couple in yellow turmeric and feed them sweets.

For this event, we wanted to honor the traditional colors of the Holud by integrating lots of yellow with warm orange and red tones. Since the event was being held in the groom’s parent’s backyard, there was an inclination to pull a certain whimsical flair out with the design. We accomplished this by creating distinct vignettes with paper lanterns and marigold garlands all over the backyard. For the stage, we erected a four post mandap-type structure draped with an old saree, marigold garlands, and you guessed it- more paper lanterns. The effect was fun, whimsical, a touch of rustic, and most importantly, bright.

The amazing Chef Ranjan of New Delhi Restaurant  did an excellent job preparing a delicious traditional and fusion menu for guests to enjoy. Eclectic seating options and a sprawling floorplan allowed for guests to mingle naturally with each other before and after presenting their gifts and turmeric to the couple. MPSINGHPHOTOGRAPHY-0014 MPSINGHPHOTOGRAPHY-0016 MPSINGHPHOTOGRAPHY-0018 MPSINGHPHOTOGRAPHY-0019 MPSINGHPHOTOGRAPHY-0020 MPSINGHPHOTOGRAPHY-0021 MPSINGHPHOTOGRAPHY-0023 MPSINGHPHOTOGRAPHY-0028 MPSINGHPHOTOGRAPHY-0030 MPSINGHPHOTOGRAPHY-0033 MPSINGHPHOTOGRAPHY-0042


Later in the evening, guests were guided to the tennis court for the Sangeeth. which was lit like a rooftop club. With the SFO lights twinkling in the background, performers and guests alike danced their hearts out on a large LED dance floor provided by Gatsby Entertainment.



Up next, the gorgeous ceremony!

Venue: Private Residence

Caterer: New Delhi Restaurant

Rentals: Stuart Rentals (stage, pipe and drape, chairs, tables, and Gaye Holud linens), Bright Event Rentals (lounge furniture), La Tavola Fine Linens (Sangeet linens)

Flowers, Event Design, Paper Lanterns: MIRA Events + Design

Photography: MP Singh Photography

Lighting, DJ, LED Dance Floor and Entertainment: Gatsby Entertainment

Videography: Filmtwist Productions