Planning an Arizona wedding?

Change can be a very scary thing.

I think its natural to be both excited and afraid of change. This was certainly the case when I decided to move down to Phoenix, Arizona to be closer to family and pursue a better life for my children. What would become of my friendships? What would become of my work? Would this completely destroy everything I had worked for over the past 8 years?

Not knowing is a wedding planner’s biggest fear.

I can honestly say that the driving force behind this move was a strange level of faith that I hadn’t exercised in a long time. I didn’t KNOW what would become of us, but I KNEW it was going to be ok. God would provide. And God has blessed us more than I can fully comprehend sometimes.

I write this today, BEYOND elated at the opportunity that lies before myself and my company. While still maintaining a steady stream of events in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are poised to fully immerse ourselves in the wondrous, thriving special event market of the greater Phoenix area.


An Arizona wedding is truly something special. The Valley boasts some of the most beautiful resorts in the entire world. Downtown Phoenix is a thriving, trendy district with a plethora of chic venues and restaurants. Country clubs are literally everywhere. The mountains are incredible. The sunsets are simply astonishing. The weather is unbeatable.

Yes, we are going to do just fine here.

Although I am now officially an Arizona wedding planner, I am still so incredibly grateful for our California clients who continue to put their faith in us to produce something special for them. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world every time I travel to the Bay, blessed to call this life “work”. We look forward to continuing to provide the best service possible for those looking to experience Northern California’s magic. And then some.

In an effort to continue our immersion in the Phoenix market, we are offering a special for Phoenix area clients who are hosting an event through the end of 2016. Any, yes ANY, planning service booked will receive a 50% discount. 

**Update! We are now extending the offer for 2017 brides and grooms! Any event taking place between 1/1/17 and 4/30/17 will receive 25% off of their planning package. 

This has never happened before.

I hope that this promotion will allow us to show Phoenix what we’ve got, and pave the way for many successful event seasons hereafter. I am so proud to be an Arizona wedding planner!

As always, our initial consultations are completely free and no obligation. Contact us today to get started!

Exciting News for MIRA Events + Design!

For 8 long, beautiful years I have worked endlessly to see my little business grow and sustain in the San Francisco Bay Area. For the last 3 of those 8 years, I have enjoyed traveling all over Northern California in pursuit of our mission to create meaningful, inspiring, reverent, and generally awesome events for our clients. All in all, California has been not only MY birthplace, but the birthplace of MIRA Events and every other dream I’ve ever had.

Sometimes, our dreams don’t come true the way we envision them. Sometimes they don’t come true at all, unless you do something drastic. My dream of owning a house in my hometown of Los Gatos, for example, was simply NOT going to happen for a single mother running her own (mainly seasonal) business. My dream of raising my children close to family wasn’t going to happen with them all living hundreds of miles away. My dream of going back to school to finish my degree wasn’t going to happen living the lifestyle I was. I knew, after 8 long, beautiful years, that it was time to make a change.

Rather quickly, a series of events occurred that lead me to make one of the biggest decision I have ever made. I decided to move, for the first time ever, out of state to live closer to family in Cave Creek, Arizona.

The decision happened quickly, but the move did not. We were in the midst of wedding season, and every day it became harder and harder to say goodbye to the glorious weather, diverse geography, and thriving spirit of my beloved California. I just couldn’t imagine not being back in my home state on a regular basis. I began to think….

Why did I and my company have to choose? Why couldn’t we do both? Why couldn’t we offer comprehensive and personalized planning and design services to clients in both states? We couldn’t we use our dual location to bring our clients fresher ideas, cross culture inspiration, and even more vendor resources? Why couldn’t we dedicate our summer months to California clientele and escape the ghastly heat of the desert?

After climbing over the bulk of our biggest wedding season yet, I slowly began to put the pieces together for the relaunch of the new company. There is still much to be done, including a website revamp and a formal launch in Arizona, but I am so excited about the mountains of possibilities (pun intended) that this news simply could not wait any longer.

I am pleased to announce the expansion of MIRA Events + Design!

We now offer our distinct wedding and event planning services to clients in both California AND Arizona- and beyond! We are excited to continue our mission of creating unique beauty for our clients and producing seamless, stress-free events.

More news is still to come, so please stay tuned for more details about our new location and upcoming events!