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Finding the perfect bridesmaids dress may seem overwhelming. There are so many styles, choices, and colors it is hard to know where to begin. The problem is not a lack of selection- the problem is an overabundance of selection. In order to simplify the selection process, it helps to eliminate some of the choices. Let’s look at a few tips to help you narrow the scope and focus on the perfect dress for the perfect wedding.

The bride sets the stage

The entire wedding is a reflection of the couple getting married. The bride does not conform to her surroundings, she creates the surroundings and they conform to her. Two brides may choose the same venue and have two completely different experiences. While one may choose traditional and formal arrangements and dress, the other may choose a casual elegance that is quietly comfortable. The venue may be exactly the same, but the attitude, style and grace of the bride sets the tone.


The bridesmaid gowns should complement the style of the bridal gown. If the bride is wearing lace and fluff, it is important that the bridesmaids gowns be in the same class of style. The bridesmaids will not wear a casual dress while the bride is in the class of elegance. A different style is acceptable; a different class is not.


A very popular choice for the bridal party is coral bridesmaid dresses. Coral is a popular, timeless color. It can be worn in all seasons and it brings warmth and beauty to the wedding. Coral is easily accented and works well with many floral arrangements. Coral bridesmaids dresses are elegant, understated and appropriate for any wedding venue.


Coral works well with vibrant teal or somber light gray. Coral and teal remind you of the colors of the sea and the inside on a conch shell, so it is the perfect choice for spring, summer, or beach weddings. This color is especially elegant when the bride is wearing ivory.

Dress appropriately

While a strapless gown may be perfect for an elegant wedding on the beach, it may blur the lines of acceptance in a religious chapel wedding. It is the same idea as choosing the shoes, one would not expect a wedding party to try to walk in three-inch heels on the beach, and they would not choose sandals for a church wedding. Also, consider the temperature and the weather. If there will be outdoor photographs, you will want dresses that are warm or cool enough for the season. When narrowing down the choices for the perfect dress, consider what is appropriate for the actual wedding taking place.

Timing and budgeting

The budget is important so that each member of the bridal party can dress and accessorize appropriately. Once the budget is set, the selection of dresses will narrow down for you. It takes time to alter and ship dresses. Allow no less than three months for this additional work. Never wait until the last minute to choose or buy your dress.


By keeping these general guidelines in mind, you are prepared to buy the bridesmaids dress of your dreams!

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