The COLOR Bride










Not all who wander are lost….

We have done roughly 35 wedding here at Divine Affairs since starting the business in 2008. We have graced beautiful ballrooms with purple and diamonds, structured expansive grassy fields with rustic furniture, and set banquet halls ablaze with elements of fiery red. However, we have never had an event quite like Natalia and Anup’s COLORful cross-cultural wedding celebration.

I should have know this event would be like no other when I asked what colors our beautiful bride would like to see on her wedding day.

“All of them!”

…alright then. Let’s do this!

We set to work on finding ways to incorporate as many vibrant colors into this backyard wedding design as possible. There were many, many elements to consider as we needed to incorporate Natalia’s Catholic Mexican heritage as well as Anup’s South Indian Hindu heritage. After many hours of piecing together various COLORFUL elements, we ended up with a design that was truly unique, handcrafted, and most of all, full of vivacious color.

Guests entered the backyard and were directed down a dirt path strung with nearly 100 paper lanterns. This path led them down to the bottom of the backyard, where they were able to mingle and grab some appetizers and drinks before the ceremonies began. This same area served purpose again during the intermission between ceremonies.

Watching the two ceremonies laden with traditions originating from two ancient cultures brought me to appreciate the university of love. Different ways of acknowledging love, different ways of celebrating love, different ways of consecrating love.. but in the end my beautiful couple were still standing side by side as husband and wife. I think this is why we love doing fusion weddings. Different paths to the altar, but the end result is the same. Such a beautiful statement of universal love.

After the ceremonies, guests were invited back down for cocktails and passed apps while we moved the chairs from ceremony to the long, expansive dining tables. These tables were truly unique. From the Mexican oil-cloth runners to the dozens of cultural tchotchkes and bud vases that filled them, these tables were the perfect element of representation for this multi-cultural COLORFUL affair.

After eating their fill of delicious Mexican food from local restaurant Casa Vicky’s, guests enjoyed a rocking selection of songs performed by the high-energy Kick Back Band and danced underneath illuminated string lights and lanterns by Envision Entertainment.

Yes Los Gatos was alive that gorgeous July night. Alive with booming music, vivacious energy, and enough COLOR to make a rainbow jealous. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Vasudev- may your lives together be as colorful as your wedding day, and just as full of love!

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