The Sustainable Table – Your Holiday Table Style Guide

sustainable table decorations for the holidays

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! We love the holidays for a variety of reasons: the food, the family, the jolly spirit, and of course, the decor! Helping clients design their holiday tablescape is one of our favorite ways to get into the holiday spirit, and this year we decided to do something we have never done before to get into the mood. 

Welcome to first ever holiday table style guide! We have taken some of our favorite designs and broken them down to show you how to recreate the same style in your own home. Furthermore, we have worked hard to embrace sustainability in every aspect of the design. Each element shown has some sort of sustainable feature- whether its environmentally friendly, sourced from a local small business, or has a social responsibility factor. This consciousness is something we aim to include in all future designs and events, one of the exciting changes happening for MIRAwed in 2018!

For now, sit back and enjoy some fun holiday inspiration! 

arizona desert christmas table decor design tablescape

Urban Glam

Everyone who lives in the city will tell you that they love the energy that comes with the location. Whether its San Francisco, Phoenix, or somewhere in between, we love integrating the industrial feel of a big city with cozy elements to create something multidimensional, trendy, and of course glamorous. 

Associate Planner Kristan Shamus took the lead on designing this urban glam holiday table, complete with fabulous copper touches and modern, earthy elements. Imagine a table full of fine glass and crystal details softened by wooden and pine greenery while your TV broadcasts the yule log in tune to classic holiday music and you sip a delicious holiday cocktail… perfection!

Sustainability notes: In addition to being stunningly gorgeous, copper can be recycled 100%, which means that even if the dishware gets tossed after a few years it can still be put to good use. Soy candles are both trendy and sustainable with a cleaner burn that traditional wax candles. Dried lunaria can last for several uses if properly cared for, and looks great in a wide variety of designs. 

  1. Como Copper Flatware from Pleasanton Party Rentals 
  2. Copper Charger from Pleasanton Party Rentals
  3. Ivory Dolce Napkin from Pleasanton Party Rentals
  4. Soy Candles
  5. Cranberry Moscow Mule recipe found on Joyfully Healthy Eats
  6. Pure Glassware from Pleasanton Party Rentals 
  7.  Personalized gift box from Sugar & Chic Shop
  8. / 12. Glamorous Decor from Your Vintage Affair
  9. Oak Leaves, Seeded Eucalyptus and Oregonia Garland from Pacific Coast Evergreen 
  10.  Snowflake Wine Charm from Lamas Creations
  11. Hand-Blown Glass Decor from Allison Kreft Designs 
  12. (see 8.)
  13. Dried Lunaria
  14. Dried Thistle
  15. Sola Wood Flowers from The Wooden Menagerie


Mountain Boho

Nothing says winter like a cozy cabin in the mountains. Tahoe winters are truly magical, and we wanted to bring some of that inherent beauty into the design of this table. Our fall intern, Tesia took the lead on sourcing many of the elements for this bohemian inspired, rustic design.

Pine and wood are two favorite elements to integrate into any holiday design table. By adding a little bit of local charm you can transform your table into something that is both calm and bright. 

Sustainability Notes: Gauze and silk, when made organically from a local source, are some of the most sustainable materials out there. They can transform any table design to add a whimsical and/or romantic touch. We love using them for any season, but cozied up next to some locally sourced pine twigs and under the glow of a soy candle might be our most favorite of all!

  1. Gauze table runner, such as available from Tan Weddings & Events 
  2. “Fiddle” Stainless Steel Flatware from Celebrations Party Rentals
  3. / 7. / 8. Pine garland, modern autumn wreath, and woodsy white mason jar arrangements, such as available from Twine & Dandy
  4. Hand-made ceramic dinner plates, as available from Jered’s Pottery
  5. Hammered Copper mugs from Stuart Party Rentals 
  6. Scented soy candles, locally made by Once Upon a Candle
  7.  (see 3.)
  8. (see 3.)
  9. Wood stump seating cards, as available from Menakshee Designs


Winter Desert

Even if there is no snow, the desert can be a magical place in the winter time. The frigid air over a subtle colorscape makes for an inspired view. For this design, compiled by lead designer Miranda Meisenbach, we wanted to showcase some of that natural inspiration. 

Using elements native to Arizona, we created a design that would fit into any southwestern home with a simple color palette and light texture. We didn’t want to just go for the iconic saguaro motif like most typical desert designs, but that didn’t stop us from integrating our famous cactus in smaller details.

Supporting local businesses was also a highlight of this design, most strikingly in the custom wood table pictured in the collage. No dining room table is complete without a striking table, and we cannot resist good craftmanship. One of our preferred vendors, Stems & Style, has teamed up with local craftsman Neft Pichardo on a line of high end wooden tables available for rent. Neft has over 25 years of experience and specializes in high end woodwork and custom finishes. 

Sustainability Notes: Sourcing local goods reduces greenhouse emissions caused by the entire consumer marketplace. The less distance a product has to travel to get from manufacturer to retailer to customer the more environmentally friendly! Shopping local is the best thing and individual can do for the local economy.  Utilizing locally foraged elements such as octotillo bones, pine, cotton, and pinecones is fun, sustainable, and available closer than you might think!

desert christmas table design table decor arizona holiday sustainable

  1. Small succulents (painted or not) act as great place card holders
  2. This adorable stone saguaro, along with other amazing decor, available from Olivewood Designs
  3. / 9. Ocotillo bones with locally foraged pine and pinecones created by MIRA Events + Design
  4. Custom built wood table by Neft Pichardo via Stems & Style 
  5. Ceramic Dinnerware, as available from CatsEyePottery
  6. Gold Cactus Mug from Practical Art
  7. Cotton inspiration, as shown by Only Deco Love
  8. Hemp or organic cotton napkins, as available from A Well Worn Story
  9.  (see #3)
  10. Ceramic Tiles and other local artisan crafts, as available from Arizona Gifts
  11. Gold modern flatware, available for rent from The Confetti Studio 

 christmas table tablescape decor desert holiday

Let Us Help!

We LOVE bringing a vision together. The holidays are hectic enough, let us step in and help! We offer custom design services, as well as small piece decor rental and installation services. Contact us today- its not too late to get the holiday table of your dreams!


Happy Holidays!

Love, Team MIRA

Chandana + Imran Part 1

We love our clients. All of them. We adore each and every event that crosses our path. Every once in a while, we get to be a part of something just a little extra special. How so? Let’s check the numbers:

  • 3: The number of days this wedding spectacular spanned
  • 6: The number of different wedding related events that occurred in that time-frame
  • 5: Number of venues we worked at over the course of this weekend
  • 27: Number of vendors hired for all events
  • 1,000: Linear feet of marigolds used throughout the design
  • 9: Number of outfits worn by the bride

The result of these numbers, combined with the incredible amounts of time and energy spent by all invested parties, was SO spectacular, we couldn’t fit it all in one blog post.

Let’s start in the beginning…

Chandana and Imran come from two very different backgrounds. Chandana’s family are Hindu South Indian, and Imran’s family hails from Bengladesh. Together, they wanted to create a fusion wedding experience that would honor both of their cultures while allowing guests to bask in free-flowing opulence.

After a “low key” Mehendi on Friday evening, guests were invited to the first “party” of the weekend on Saturday afternoon. The groom’s parent’s house was decked to the nines to celebrate not just one but two important cultural events.

First, the Gaye Holud ceremony and rituals took place. After a short ceremony, 350 of the couple’s closest friends and family lined up for over an hour to paint the couple in yellow turmeric and feed them sweets.

For this event, we wanted to honor the traditional colors of the Holud by integrating lots of yellow with warm orange and red tones. Since the event was being held in the groom’s parent’s backyard, there was an inclination to pull a certain whimsical flair out with the design. We accomplished this by creating distinct vignettes with paper lanterns and marigold garlands all over the backyard. For the stage, we erected a four post mandap-type structure draped with an old saree, marigold garlands, and you guessed it- more paper lanterns. The effect was fun, whimsical, a touch of rustic, and most importantly, bright.

The amazing Chef Ranjan of New Delhi Restaurant  did an excellent job preparing a delicious traditional and fusion menu for guests to enjoy. Eclectic seating options and a sprawling floorplan allowed for guests to mingle naturally with each other before and after presenting their gifts and turmeric to the couple. MPSINGHPHOTOGRAPHY-0014 MPSINGHPHOTOGRAPHY-0016 MPSINGHPHOTOGRAPHY-0018 MPSINGHPHOTOGRAPHY-0019 MPSINGHPHOTOGRAPHY-0020 MPSINGHPHOTOGRAPHY-0021 MPSINGHPHOTOGRAPHY-0023 MPSINGHPHOTOGRAPHY-0028 MPSINGHPHOTOGRAPHY-0030 MPSINGHPHOTOGRAPHY-0033 MPSINGHPHOTOGRAPHY-0042


Later in the evening, guests were guided to the tennis court for the Sangeeth. which was lit like a rooftop club. With the SFO lights twinkling in the background, performers and guests alike danced their hearts out on a large LED dance floor provided by Gatsby Entertainment.



Up next, the gorgeous ceremony!

Venue: Private Residence

Caterer: New Delhi Restaurant

Rentals: Stuart Rentals (stage, pipe and drape, chairs, tables, and Gaye Holud linens), Bright Event Rentals (lounge furniture), La Tavola Fine Linens (Sangeet linens)

Flowers, Event Design, Paper Lanterns: MIRA Events + Design

Photography: MP Singh Photography

Lighting, DJ, LED Dance Floor and Entertainment: Gatsby Entertainment

Videography: Filmtwist Productions

Mandi + Luke

This week we are super excited to showcase photos and the awesome story of two great clients: Mandi and Luke!

Mandi called me one day to discuss her upcoming wedding. “I’m SO freaking excited. We’ve been together for 15 years, and we are FINALLY getting married!” Her energy was infectious. She went on and on (in the most endearing way possible) about her vision for a beautiful, nature inspired Tahoe wedding.

The venue search was the most hilarious venture I have ever embarked on with a client. Mandi was adamant about her and Luke’s love of the Squaw Valley area of Tahoe, declaring that they had spent so many special times there together and would love to celebrate their union in this area they held so dear to their hearts. After a round of site visits, a comprehensive list of Squaw Valley area venues was provided to Mandi and Luke for review.

A few weeks went by, and when pressed for feedback, Mandi replied with “we love the venues, but can we also check out Heavenly? It’s a really special area for Luke and I and we would love to see what options are available there.” Absolutely, not a problem. We contacted our site rep at Heavenly and she immediately prepared us a special quote tailored to fit Mandi and Luke’s vision and budget.

After presenting them with this option, another couple of weeks went by. When pressed for feedback again, Mandi responded: “This looks really great. Can we also please check out Northstar? Luke and I have been there a few times and its really special to us. We love the idea of  getting married at Northstar.” I could not help but laugh out loud. After another round of proposals and many more discussions, Mandi and Luke had finally found their perfect wedding venue.

Tahoe area inspiration and wine-infused accents were the design theme for this wedding. However, throughout the weekend, it became extremely apparent that the overriding theme of the event was LOVE. Love between family, love between friends, and most importantly, love between Mandi and Luke.

The two had met as pre-teens from rival competitive dance schools. Fast forward 10 years and they were teaching dance together, eventually opening up their own dance studio.

We love when we get to bond with our clients, and this wedding was truly special. Mandi called me one day with a bridal conundrum. “Miranda, I don’t know what to do. We have no little girl who wants to be our flower girl at our wedding. I’ve always envisioned having a little Flower Girl bouncing around in front of me while I walk down the aisle”. I happened to be driving my then 5 year old daughter in the car with me and half-jokingly offered her services as a Flower Girl. Mandi exclaimed “Seriously? You’d let me use your daughter?!” Yes, we offer child labor at MIRA Events + Design. Avia was over the moon at the chance to be a Flower Girl, and she got to spend a very special day with a very special bride!

Plano Wedding Photo#1581C6D

Plano Wedding Photo#1581947

Plano Wedding Photo#1581C36
Plano Wedding Photo#158188C

Plano Wedding Photo#15818C4

Plano Wedding Photo#1581ADC

Plano Wedding Photo#1581AAB

Venue + Caterer: Northstar California Resort
Photography: Gina Clary Photography
Event Design, Specialty Rentals: MIRA Events + Design
Flowers: Events Ink
Cake: Cake Tahoe

Our Top 5 Lake Tahoe Venues

As MIRA Events + Design expands our clientele, we have been able to see and experience beautiful new locations for the ultimate event. We’ve grown from local weddings in the Bay Area to events in Napa County, Southern California, and even out of state.

Each new venue that we experience unveils new inspirations and ideas. An area that we have grown very fondly of is Lake Tahoe. Couples from all over make the trip to Tahoe to create and bring to life their unique vision. With such a stunning canvas of forest, mountains, and of course the beautifully blue lake, Tahoe is a great choice for a destination wedding. Here are our top 5 venues for Tahoe:

#5 – Granlibbaken

The Granlibakken is located less than mile from Lake Tahoe, with gorgeous scenery and outdoor and indoor reception spaces. The lodge is decorated with warm wood and a massive stone fireplace that gives off just the right amount of coziness! Our favorite room is the Mountain Ballroom, with 16-foot ceilings and its own outdoor deck.
Granlibakken 1
#4 – Northstar Weddings

Oh, how we love Northstar. This gorgeous ski lodge is also a great place for events. With private firepits, Gondola rides for guests, and transportation, Northstar always has something to do. The amazing view is a given.
Northstar 1
#3 – The HideOut

Are you looking for a secluded and unique space? Then the HideOut might be best for you. The elaborate main lodge on the property is surrounded by thousands of acres of National Forest, rivers, a private lake and Tahoe mountains. With such freedom and room aside from usual ceremony spaces, The HideOut is a great canvas for the event of your dreams.

The HideOut
#2 – East Fork Ranch

Mountain views lay out this beautiful scene. East Fork Ranch is a new Lake Tahoe venue on 44 acres. This is a perfect location for a secluded yet open space for a wedding! Find more info about East Fork Ranch here.


#1 – Twenty Mile House

Our #1 spot goes to one of our all-time favorite places for a great event – The Twenty Mile House. This former historic stagecoach stop offers 200 acres of stunning, quaint and secluded event space. With rivers, beautiful gardens, private river access, and a gorgeous venue space, this is the Lake Tahoe wedding dream come true. The possibilities to creating your own unique event here are limitless!

Twenty Mile House

*All pictures are from venue websites.

Pantone Colors of 2015 for Spring

Dreamers its that time of year again. Pantone has released their Pantone Colors of 2015 for Spring! I like to make little bets with my colleagues about which colors will debut and trend for the coming year. I must say, I was not entirely correct with this one (I said somewhere in the Pink family, envisioning more of a blush toned pink), effectively ending my 2 year streak with the call of Emerald Green and Radiant Orchid Purple. I am now out $20.


Nonetheless, I am really excited with the selections for 2015. Color trends are so much fun because they are interpreted so many different ways by brides, hosts, and designers. To get the creativity flowing, I have compiled a few mood boards with some of our favorite details inspired by the Pantone Colors of 2015 for Spring.

aquamarine and toasted almont mood board

marsala strawberry ice and tangerine mood board

aquamarine custard and glacier gray mood board

**All images are either property of MIRA or from our Pinterest boards. Go to the images for original links and give props to the creative minds behind them!**