Elena + Gerry’s 25th Anniversary

The beautiful Asilomar beach, a sunny and breezy day, and an intimate group of friends and family made this 25th anniversary ceremony extraordinary in every way.

Gerry and Elena’s special day was extra special because of many reasons, a big one being that their love was finally publicly being celebrated. These two were so excited to finally have a wedding to call their own. With their children by their sides, Elena walked down the aisle in her stunning white gown with bouquet in hand toward her loving, ecstatically happy husband.

Take a peak into this heartwarming day!

Amazing photos by Jason Cardoso Photography.

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Mandi + Luke

This week we are super excited to showcase photos and the awesome story of two great clients: Mandi and Luke!

Mandi called me one day to discuss her upcoming wedding. “I’m SO freaking excited. We’ve been together for 15 years, and we are FINALLY getting married!” Her energy was infectious. She went on and on (in the most endearing way possible) about her vision for a beautiful, nature inspired Tahoe wedding.

The venue search was the most hilarious venture I have ever embarked on with a client. Mandi was adamant about her and Luke’s love of the Squaw Valley area of Tahoe, declaring that they had spent so many special times there together and would love to celebrate their union in this area they held so dear to their hearts. After a round of site visits, a comprehensive list of Squaw Valley area venues was provided to Mandi and Luke for review.

A few weeks went by, and when pressed for feedback, Mandi replied with “we love the venues, but can we also check out Heavenly? It’s a really special area for Luke and I and we would love to see what options are available there.” Absolutely, not a problem. We contacted our site rep at Heavenly and she immediately prepared us a special quote tailored to fit Mandi and Luke’s vision and budget.

After presenting them with this option, another couple of weeks went by. When pressed for feedback again, Mandi responded: “This looks really great. Can we also please check out Northstar? Luke and I have been there a few times and its really special to us. We love the idea of  getting married at Northstar.” I could not help but laugh out loud. After another round of proposals and many more discussions, Mandi and Luke had finally found their perfect wedding venue.

Tahoe area inspiration and wine-infused accents were the design theme for this wedding. However, throughout the weekend, it became extremely apparent that the overriding theme of the event was LOVE. Love between family, love between friends, and most importantly, love between Mandi and Luke.

The two had met as pre-teens from rival competitive dance schools. Fast forward 10 years and they were teaching dance together, eventually opening up their own dance studio.

We love when we get to bond with our clients, and this wedding was truly special. Mandi called me one day with a bridal conundrum. “Miranda, I don’t know what to do. We have no little girl who wants to be our flower girl at our wedding. I’ve always envisioned having a little Flower Girl bouncing around in front of me while I walk down the aisle”. I happened to be driving my then 5 year old daughter in the car with me and half-jokingly offered her services as a Flower Girl. Mandi exclaimed “Seriously? You’d let me use your daughter?!” Yes, we offer child labor at MIRA Events + Design. Avia was over the moon at the chance to be a Flower Girl, and she got to spend a very special day with a very special bride!

Plano Wedding Photo#1581C6D

Plano Wedding Photo#1581947

Plano Wedding Photo#1581C36
Plano Wedding Photo#158188C

Plano Wedding Photo#15818C4

Plano Wedding Photo#1581ADC

Plano Wedding Photo#1581AAB

Venue + Caterer: Northstar California Resort
Photography: Gina Clary Photography
Event Design, Specialty Rentals: MIRA Events + Design
Flowers: Events Ink
Cake: Cake Tahoe

History in the Making!

We are so excited to announce that we will be planning and designing one of the very last event EVER at the Avalon Club in Santa Clara! This beautiful venue has been a city icon for multiple decades and has hosted big names in entertainment, such as Boys II Men, Rick Springfield, Y&T, and many, many more. Sadly, it will be closing its doors forever this July, but not before we take it over for one, very special night.

Inside the Avalon Club lounge area

Which leads me to my second part of the announcement:

Even more exciting than the venue is the cause. The dinner-dance will benefit the West Valley College Child Development Center , which is facing closure due to statewide budget cuts to early childhood education. This 45 year old center is the beloved home of 90 children from all walks of life, united by their love for nature, hands-on learning, and character development. It is also the lab for the college’s Child Studies Department, where students can get on-site, hands-on training and observation experience with Master Teachers and professors.

Stay tuned for ticket information, design inspiration, and more!