The Bachelor Wedding: Sean and Catherine

I’m not going to re-invent the wheel here. If you want the full scoop of the most recent Bachelor wedding, go to a more reliable reporting source. This is just the quick musings of a wedding planner watching one 2014’s weddings of the year.

Catherine Giudici describes her wedding vision as “grown sexy, whimsical and romantic”. I can get with that. I love that she made up her own term to describe her vision. Meanwhile, Sean’s vision is “mind blowing”. Put them together, and I think that Mindy Weiss is truly one of the most perfect planners to tackle this wedding.

Speaking of Mindy, she is so cute! During her initial consultation with Catherine she asks “Where is your focus?” I like this better than “priority”. It shows that everything is important, but that some things will naturally be the forefront of the design. Catherine goes on to explain that she is looking for sophistication with an aire of sexy. She sees her wedding as her moment to change from a young woman to a grown wife. She is “walking down the aisle to her transition”. Furthermore, I love the concept that EVERYONE can feel sexy. Colors white and gold and the theme is “opulence”.

They cut back and forth between the pre-wedding footage and the live feed of guests entering the venue. I love how happy all of the guests seems to be. Like they are about to witness something truly special. Such a great energy for a wedding!

Sean shopping for lingerie… I’m dying. Rubbing the material of the bra, “less is more”. “We need to make this happen” “I am on board with all of this”. When Catherine sees the lingerie he picked out: “Its fancy icing, for my body.” Stop being so cute!

Speaking of live feed, I’m dying of giggles here. The juxtaposition of Sean and Catherine discussing their separate living arrangements and the live view of the honeymoon suite… there is so much emphasis on sex in this broadcast I feel like I should have a glass of wine and light some candles myself.

And the dresses… oh Monique Lhuillier… I swoon. Of course they didn’t reveal her final choice during this little cutaway montage, but it was enough to know that she is definitely looking for something that would show off her figure and blow Sean’s mind.

Ooo ooo here we go. The first view of the ceremony area!

The wooden dividers down the aisle, like railings on a quaint wooden bridge… LOVE!!!! One of my biggest pet peeves is guests walking on the aisle before the ceremony starts. Sometimes even ribbon and garland doesn’t keep them away. But a full blown gate? Things just got serious.

Upon my first look, the mixed chairs not eccelectic and well mixed enough for me. Not crazy about the chiavari chair covers either. I’m a little confused by the thick flower columns with the dainty white drape on top. Before I can concretely decide how I feel about this ceremony design, the cameras pan out to reveal the ceremony space in its entirety. I immediately decide I love it. The entire design looks cohesive and well textured. Further proof that Mindy Weiss is a freaking genius.

Ceremony starts… I’m already crying. Seriously?

Two cellos… definitely sexy and romantic. Bridesmaids gowns aren’t as sexy as I thought they would be. Better to keep the focus on Catherine 🙂

I need a moment to talk about that aisle runner. White runner with a diamond pattern and actual rhinestone embellishment. White, gold and diamonds. Could not get any prettier.

The bridal processional music…I am intrigued. I liked it at first but kind of hoped it would change into something a little more romantic as she got closer. It didn’t and that is all I am going to say about that.

Which one of my clients is going to let me shoot cannons of confetti on them as they walk down the aisle?

Thank you The Bachelor for once again producing ridiculously good looking couples to fall in love in ridiculously amazing locations and go on to have ridiculously gorgeous weddings. If I didn’t love you so much, I’d hate you.