Earth Day inspires eco friendly wedding ideas


Happy Earth Day!

While I wish we could intensify our efforts to take care of our Mother Earth EVERY day, today is still a wonderful day to celebrate our Home and give thanks for all that is provides.

Nature inspired wedding design

This gorgeous little planet of ours has provided us with countless inspiration through its stunning features and breathtaking landscapes. We have drawn inspiration from its majestic mountains and ethereal forests, its rugged coasts and lively seas, and even its natural wonders to create our client’s dream wedding designs. We are always delighted when a potential client comes to us with a “nature inspired” vision. It gives us an opportunity to explore more of this amazing place and learn something new to incorporate in our designs.


Eco friendly wedding ideas

Thankfully, not only is eco friendly wedding planning good for our Mother Earth, but its also incredibly stylish. You can incorporate everything from organic burlap to potted centerpieces to chic recyclable table settings (we love Mika Pak or Verterra!)

Some of our favorite eco-friendly wedding ideas:

Give little seedling trees as favors and ask guest to plant them.

Host as many wedding activities in one place to eliminate driving.

Get married outdoors!

Turn “trash” into treasures.

Buying or renting local will help eliminate fuel costs and carbon emissions in delivery trucks and help the neighborhood economy.

Tune everything to what’s “in season”.

Use recycled wood and paper for wedding signage and stationery.

Wedding sign made from recycled wood

Let us celebrate on this special day not only the hundreds of awesome ways to nature-fy your wedding day, but also the Earth as our home EVERY day. She is our Mother, given to us by the Father as a gift that we are both blessed with and responsible for.

For additional inspiration, please see this comprehensive guide to sustainable and eco-friendly weddings.